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Underage Drinking

May 09, 2017

A frank discussion with a panel experts including representatives from legal, psychological and law enforcement fields.  Topics included:

  • Everyone drinks alcohol so why is this an issue?

  • I drank as a teenager.  I expect my kids will too.

  • I’d rather my teens drink at home than do it outside of the home. 

  • Kids need to build their tolerance before they go to college!

  • Alcohol is not a gateway drug.

Borough Council Goes to Briarcliff

May 31, 2017

Borough Council came to Briarcliff School on May 31st.  Eighth grade students heard from Mayor Holmberg, Deputy Mayor Barnett and other members of the Borough Council.  Students also elected their own Mayor and Council members to discuss and decide on a mock issue that would impact the town. 

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