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Whether you identify politically as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, or another political perspective, you have a place in this democracy and a place within the League, as long as you are committed to our belief in an inclusive democracy.  While we may disagree on how we accomplish it, if you value democracy, then you must also value voting rights, human rights, social justice, and equity. 

ICYMI: Notes from our  December Event -
"Conversation with the Cops"

  • ML has 13 officers (including the chief) to cover 24/7 365 days a year. There are 2 patrol officers on duty at any time.


  • The county is working on securing funding for license plate readers. The determination of which municipalities receive funds will be done at the county level. They are too expensive for our municipal budget to fund.


  • The car thieves are almost always teens looking for specific cars, but sometimes they will take whatever they can to get back home (they are often dropped off and the only way they can get back home is by finding keys in a car or in a house that is open - often through an unlocked door or window). 


  • Cars have been stolen when people leave them for even a few minutes. They may be following their target cars and waiting for the opportunity. Take your keys out of the car whenever you leave it.


  • Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you notice any suspicious activity. The “non-emergency” police number is to be used for issues that are not urgent.

  • A summary of the police activity every month is a part of the monthly council report, posted on the ML website.


  • Lock your windows and doors, use a bar or "door blocker" for sliding glass doors.

  • Don't leave your keys out in easy to spot or grab places.

  • If you have a Ring or other security camera, make sure it is working (when investigating, the police have found that oftentimes the Ring cameras aren't in working order).

  • If a streetlight is out near you, call Jersey Central (800-662-3115) to ask them to fix it.


  • Fill out the Vacant Home Check form on the website when you are away on vacation.

  • Consider curtains so that thieves can’t easily see the keys on your kitchen counter.

  • Keep the exterior of your house well lit

  • Consider installing motion detecting flood lights with a camera (available on Amazon for less than $100)

We are the Mountain Lakes Chapter of the LWVUS

  • We run debates for local elections

  • We inform the community about local issues

  • We encourage citizen participation in government by voting and dialoguing with public officials.

  • What would you like from your League? Join us and let us know!

league of women voters ml
league of women voters mountain lakes

HS registration 2022.jpg

Registering a new generation of voters at Mountain Lakes High School.

Same Day Voter Regis LWV.png
Congrats to the 2023 LWVML Scholarship Winner, Margaret Berei!.png

Borough Council goes to Briarcliff, May 2023

Thank you to Principal Carlson, Mr. Lih and the entire 8th grade team for welcoming us into their school. Thanks to the BC members who volunteered their time: Chris Cannon, Cy Korman, Tom Menard, Melissa Muilenberg, and Mayor Sheikh, who helped the kids work through this year's issue - lake management - while keeping in mind what is best for the entire community!

........We'll be back in Spring 2024!

"Keeping a government by the people and for the people requires effort from all of us, not just elected officials. We have the responsibility and the right to participate in our own governance year-round."  League of Women Voters US

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