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This is why we love our League!

Non Partisan. Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

"Whether you identify politically as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, or another political perspective, you have a place in this democracy and a place within the League, as long as you are committed to our belief in an inclusive democracy.  While we may disagree on how we accomplish it, if you value democracy, then you must also value human rights, social justice, and equity."  League of Women Voters US

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Proud of our League!  Supporting Civics education for our country's future leaders.

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The League supports Civic engagement.

"Keeping a government by the people and for the people requires effort from all of us, not just elected officials.  We have the responsibility and the right to participate in our own governance year-round."  League of Women Voters US

Read the LWV of Montgomery County's (IN) letter to the editor reminding us of the impact of being civically engaged.  

The League holds our elected officials to task.

"Ahead of the inauguration, we sent a letter to the Biden Administration and transition team outlining 9 key issues that should be prioritized by the new administration, aimed at working toward a better democracy."  League of Women Voters US

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Celebrating 100 Years!

Useful Resources

How to Choose a Candidate for Election

Tips from the Newton LWV on how to choose the right candidate for an election.


The League of Women Voters and Candidate Debates

Article on history of the LWV and debates.

How to have a productive debate

Article discussing different types of debates.


Answers all voter questions.

Debate Guidelines

Guidelines published by the State League on rules for the Council & BoE debates.

League of Women Voters - NJ Chapter

NJ chapter of the League of Women Voters.

Mountain Lakes Borough Council Agenda

Agenda for Borough Council Meetings can be found on the Borough website.

Contact Information:

League of Women Voters Mountain Lakes

P.O. Box 64

Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046