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Non Partisan | Empowering Voters | Defending Democracy


Whether you identify politically as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, conservative, liberal, moderate, progressive, or another political perspective, you have a place in this democracy and a place within the League, as long as you are committed to our belief in an inclusive democracy.  While we may disagree on how we accomplish it, if you value democracy, then you must also value voting rights, human rights, social justice, and equity. 

Sign up to March with the LWVML in the Memorial Day Parade!  5/29/23

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"Well done, sister Suffragette!"

We are the Mountain Lakes Chapter of the LWVUS

  • We run debates for local elections

  • We inform the community about local issues

  • We encourage citizen participation in government by voting and dialoguing with public officials.

  • What would you like from your League? Join us and let us know!

league of women voters ml
league of women voters mountain lakes

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Registering a new generation of voters at Mountain Lakes High School.

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Post-event viewing available on our YouTube page


Presentation will be posted to after 5/1/23

Borough Council goes to Briarcliff, May 2023

Do you have an 8th grader?  If so, please volunteer for this hands-on civics lesson that brings our Borough Council to school to work through mock municipal issues! Email us at for more info!


"Keeping a government by the people and for the people requires effort from all of us, not just elected officials. We have the responsibility and the right to participate in our own governance year-round."  League of Women Voters US

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Recent Events

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